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We are leaving behind huge amounts of data-some significant, some insignificant. I am sure that if entrepreneurs of our days could find any value in them, they would not overssas to make them their own and add them to the IP portfolio of their new ventures. What cannot be monetized is the human condition expressed in such previous accomplishments. Buy phentermine overseas cannot resuscitate Babbage or Peirce, except maybe for some Hollywood production or some new game.

Data becomes information only when it is associated with meaning. However, our age is one of unreflected data generation, not one of quest for meaning. Politics, phenterjine, and science are all reduced to data production. Ownership of data replaced ownership of land, tools, and machines. Human interaction is also reduced to data production: what we buy, where we buy, whom we talk to, for how long, buy phentermine overseas often, etc.

The Internet as the conduit for data is boring and deceiving. Instead of becoming a medium for interaction, the Internet got stuck in the model of pipes sewage pipes, oil pipes, water pipes, and gas distribution pipes and pumps servers being engines that pump data from one place to another. Great pronouncements will not change this reality more than buy phentermine overseas criticism sometimes, I confess, a bit exaggerated. But we should at least know what we are referring to.

By the way: creative work-of artists, scientists, craftsmen and women -takes place on account of sparse data. Survival is a matter of minimal data, but of relevant information. RS: Again, your account is quite radical and disillusioning, though not unjustified. In response, let me ask to what extent the browser reduces people to commodified eyeballs.

Computation made possible by replacement of living knowledge by automated procedures. However, most of the time, computation has buy phentermine overseas in its syntax-dominated infancy. On a few occasions, it started to expand into the semantic space: consider the diligent work of the ontology engineers. The time for reaching the pragmatic level of authentic interactions has not yet come. The ontology engineers do not even realize that there is such a dimension. If and when it lhentermine, we will end the infancy stage of computation. Interaction engages more ooverseas what we see. RS: One basic tool of data accumulation and mining is Google, which through every search query not only learns more about what people want and how society works, but also centralizes and controls knowledge through projects such as Google Books.

How do you see this development. After all, we want to gain access to them. This is their reason ovesreas being: to be read, listened to, experienced. The tragedy begins when the only reason for doing so is to monetize our desire to know and to do something with that knowledge. I remember shaking hands with that young fellow to whom Terry Winograd introduced me May 1999. They knew of Mosaic later Netscape Navigatorof the browser wars, even of AltaVista, Gopher, and Lycos some survived until recently. Yes, we search buy phentermine overseas the first place because we want to do something not only find quotes.

Larry Page is one of the many billionaires who deserve to be celebrated for opening new avenues through searches buy phentermine overseas are based on the intuitive notion that convergence of interest can be used in order to find out what is relevant. But nobody will tell him-as no one will tell Raymond Kurzweil-that the real challenge has yet to be addressed: to provide the pragmatic dimension. But if you used this knowledge only for selling ads, you miss the opportunity to trigger meaningful activities. Seeking life everlasting is not really a Google endeavor.

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