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It has become impossible to connect to the Internet without being forced into a new version or a new buy phentermine k 25 online. It has all gone so far that to buy a cell phone means to become captive to a provider. Remember: this is the age of the rent economy, of transactions not production. In this context, social media has become not an opportunity for diversity and resistance, but rather a background for conformity.

Once upon a time, within the office model, it was not unusual that women working together noticed that their menstrual periods synchronized. All at the lowest common denominator. But as long as we continue to idealize a technology of disenfranchisement and impotence, we will not overcome the limitations of obsession with data to the detriment of information. The toy train reduced to meaningless pieces entirely lost its meaning. Remember trying to make it move as it did before curiosity took the better of it. Information eventually grew from playing with toys: the realization that things belong together, that the wheel has a special function, etc.

Given the fact that in the digital embodiment knowledge is actually hidden, replaced by data, the human condition that results is one of dependence. There is no citizenry in the obsession with the newest gadget, bought on credit and discarded as soon as the next version makes the headlines. The Netizen that we dreamed of is more a sucker than an agent of change. How do you see the role that search engines such as Google play in society. MN: In everything individuals do, they buy phentermine k 25 online the world-and are influenced by the world.

Within an authentic democracy, this is an authentic two-way street: you elect and you can be elected. Google, or any other search engine for that matter, reflects the skewed relation between individuals and reality. Some own more than the other s. This ownership is not just economic. It can take many other forms.

If you search for the same word on various sites and at various times, the return will be different. In the nave phase of data searching, way back in the 90s of the last century, relevance counted most. Such rewards are advertisement, political recognition, technical ability, etc. In other words, through the search, a cognitive economic, political, etc. Of course, social media relies on search engines, because instead of buy phentermine k 25 online participants, it engineers the nature of their relations. This remark is not meant to demonize anyone.

Rather, it is to establish the fact that in post-industrial capitalism, profit-making is accelerated as a condition for economic success. Those who do not keep up with the speed of fast transactions turn into the stories of wasted venture capital and failed start-ups. The cemetery of failed attempts to work for the common good is rarely visited. America, but to a certain extent Germany, England, and France, sucks up talent from the rest of the world, instead of rethinking education for the new context of life and work in the information society.

When the world learned about the worrisome depth at which privacy was emptied of any meaning, by government and business, it was difficult to distinguish between admiration and uproar. The fascinating Silicon Valley ecology deserves better than unreserved admiration. It is buy phentermine k 25 online to debunk the mythology of self-made millionaires and billionaires-and even more the aura of foundations la Gates, which are mostly self-serving.

America has encouraged the rush to the new gold not because it loves the new science and technology, but rather because it recognized new forms of profit-making. Unfortunately, the human condition associated with the information society continues to be ignored. At the scale at which profits are multiplying, crime is also multiplying. The more recent wars that the USA has carried on are not possible without computers and the technology developed for waging them.

Moreover, the profoundly dangerous undermining of democracy through vast surveillance of citizens is also the product of digital know-how bordering on the infamous. Computer science programs in many universities are nothing but training facilities for businesses at taxpayer expense. Research is very often a service to the military and the intelligence community, not an avenue towards new science, and even less an expression of ethical responsibility for the long-term consequences of new technologies.

We teach the young and less young of our nation and of other nations the violence of games, and then wonder why America is the world champion in crime.

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